Cricketer Adarsh Singh is bowling out anything that stands in his path to the top

Adarsh Singh is a professional cricketer representing Bihar at a national level. Born on the 24th of February in the year 2002 and brought up in the city of Patna in Bihar, Adarsh Singh had a relatively normal life compared to his peers. However, this all changed when in class 10 after finishing his boards, Adarsh decided to pursue cricket as a profession.

 Mahendra Kudiya || May 20, 2021 

True to his name Adarsh Singh is becoming an “adarsh” or ideal personality to represent the Indian cricket team. He perfectly conceptualises the main characteristics of the Indian spirit and attitude for cricket. As quick as Adarsh can run, his mind can run faster. This is what makes him a competent cricketer who is capable of standing his own ground when put against legends of the sport.

His success at such a young age has not only made him and his family proud but has also brought great honour to the state of Bihar. India definitely needs more people like him who are willing to take the risk and pursue ports if that is their main hobby and interest. Many people shy away from doing so because a career in the sports industry is still not considered very lucrative because only a few names can make it big. However, Adarsh Singh has not faltered in his determination to achieve something ever since he set out in this field. He has overcome many financial and mental hurdles to reach this stage in life. Even though he has had to face so many hardships along the way Adarsh continuous to smile and keeps a positive attitude in all that he does. His unwavering determination and optimism inspire all those who come in contact with him and is another reason why Adarsh is looked up to in the industry.

Adarsh has been very lucky to have not one not two but three mentors to guide and puts him on his journey to success. His father and two coaches Robin Sir and Gulrej Sir are the reason behind Adarsh being the cricketer as well as the person that he is today. They have been with him since his early days when Adarsh was just beginning to pursue his passion for cricket and continue to his motivation, even now when he has undoubtedly established himself.

Adarsh Singh has accumulated quite some achievements to his name to date. He has played in both the under 16 and under 19 team for Bihar and is the only player to take 5 wickets in zonal matches. You would also be amazed to know that Adarsh has hit two centuries batting at number 8. He has brought his team many victories at domestic and national levels and has put Bihar at the same standard as many other states of India.