Start up Digital brand manager - mukesh yadav said focus on your goals.

Start up Digital brand manager - Mukesh Yadav said focus on your goals.

In this era of technology, Digital media has become a very powerful and extraordinarily tool in post pandemic world. It has a broad spectrum of applications. On every platform either talk about commercial brands, celebrities or even politicians all has started managing their social media profiles as it's a mass media platform. Amidst stiff competition, marketer who is getting boom in industry with his hard work, intelligence and handling skills 30 year old Jaipur based digital media expert Mukesh Yadav, who has more than 10 years of immense experience on social media handling and campaigning of many renowned and notable politicians. Jaipur based Mukesh has redefined success with his sharp sales, and marketing skills. 

 Update: Ravindra Choudhary 

Mukesh yadav is now a well grown and well known name in Rajasthan for social media handles of eminent politicians, running trends and election campaigns. 

Mukesh yadav successfully run the election campaigns in states — Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh. Currently, he's working with abundance of MLA's, MP's, Minister's like youth leader Mr. Ashok Chandana, Minister of state for youth affairs and sports. Mass political leader of eastern Rajasthan, Vishvendra Singh former Cabinet Minister of government of Rajasthan, Mr. Tikaram Jully, Alwar, Labour Minister government of Rajasthan, Mr. Udaylal Anjana, Cabinet minister government of Rajasthan, Mr. Lalchand Kataria Cabinet Minister government of Rajasthan and former state Minister government of India. Dr Mahesh Joshi Chief whip Rajasthan vidhansabha and former member of parliament Jaipur city. 

Mr. Ramesh Meena, former member cabinet minister in Rajasthan government, Mr Bhanwar singh bhati, state minister, Mr Neeraj Dangi, Member of Rajyasabha, list to go on. 'Aditya digital' a team of digital champions is working in cent states like haryana, delhi, Uttarakhand and Uttarpradesh. In U.P. aditya digital is working for branding and political profile of Aditi singh MLA Raebareli, Sadar. At a very young age of 18 years when all youngsters are busy with their college education and enjoying their life, Mukesh Yadav started his first job in network marketing with companies like Amway, Monavie, Ayusante and Nuverus. Nuverus was Mukesh's last job as the head of sales. 

He was also the director of branding and media in India at the age of 25 years. Mukesh Yadav told us that he doesn believe in becoming a top brand in Rajasthan, but he believes that “People's trust is my brand.” He also told us that he's experience in MLM industry was the reason behind his well growing digital marketing company. Whatever he is today is because of his experience in direct selling industry. 

MLM industry and politics both are direct dealing with people. Mukesh's first priority is always customer's satisfaction that's what make him a brand name in this industry. “I never give heed to what people say about me. I always believed and trust myself and keep moving forward. I know my people trust my talent and willpower. Furthermore, I am busy in fulfilling dreams of my leaders and setting up an example, which will be used to motivate young generation. — Mukesh Yadav”