What makes Rohit Githala stand apart are his perceptions.

Mahendra Kudiya | Gaondastak.com | March 23, 2021

Meet Mr. Rohit Githala, a young passionate man who hails from the Sikar district in India. Rohit Githala is an awe-inspiring social media trend and PR expert. Managing political campaigns and handling the public media accounts of brands and prominent people is his forte. His is a journey that is captivating and inspiring for many digital content creators and marketers. Rohit Githala has worked closely with dozens of well-recognized personalities and has helped them create successful social media fan followings.

Being from a common Indian family, Rohit Githala has worked very hard to reach where he is today. Right from his childhood, Rohit has been fascinated by the Administrative Services of the country and had always wanted to pursue his dream of becoming an officer. But due to negligence of academic guidance and coaching centers in the area, he never got the optimum mentoring. He has always been into social service and making this world a more peaceful and harmonious space for us. 

He has also worked in the National Student Union of India for quite some time. He went on working with prominent political figures in their political campaigns and handled their social media accounts. Working with multiple political parties and handled the social media accounts of multiple fellow members gave him the right exposure to learn and grow with the flow. After working in the Centr Minister of Jal Shakti Gajender Singh Sekhwat , he also worked closely with Member of Utarpardesh Raajya Sabha Mr.B.L.Verma in managing his social media account . What made him stand out has been his perceptions about life and career is, "The very basic nature of people is to form opinions and pass judgements. 

It is then your job to pay heed to them and be affected or move ahead instead, confiding in with your passion and talent." His philosophies about life have been the moving force for him at large. His dedication has landed him many fruitful clients such as Jamu and Kashmir education Minister Mr. Harsh Dev Singh,  MP of Jharkhand Rajya Sabha Mr. Dhiraj Prasad Sahu, and many more prominent names from the political realm of the country. The list of his clients is pretty long and is a testimonial of his business intellect in his industry.