Anthony Ejefoh, pr and media expert, is changing the media landscape

We are all the same and we all have a voice. It is in our best interest to use our voices to find ways in which we can heal and serve humanity. The world needs to be re-educated to spread more love, presence and compassion, empathy and giving. Getting these messages across through the media is a powerful way to do so. Anthony Ejefoh, CEO and Founder of Bstock01 and Cypher PR media, is creating a new revolution in the media landscape where their co-creation strategies are meant to serve and support those who support them Mankind entering the new world paradigm.

Reshaping through the media 2

One of the most powerful ways to re-educate mankind is through the mass media. As Bill Gates quotes: “If I had my last dollar, spend it on publicity. “- Bill Gates. In today's world there is a new wave of leadership skills. New leaders reinforce and reshape any industry previously built on grounds and foundations that are no longer sustainable the new world we are entering. Warning is a powerful way to get your message across

The more attention we get dedicate ourselves, the more people we reach.

With ever-changing social media algorithms, leaders must find other ways to spread across different platforms. When they are known on the internet (rather than just on social media), attention will follow no matter where they go. She is connecting with other genius leaders by highlighting her unique message and story for the world to hear. He helps those who are ready to take on their role of leading this world into a new way of being, and helps them to have more reach and visibility of your message

Spreading positive change to the masses

The world is in urgent need of positive change after the recent catastrophic events of 2020. Anthony has taken it upon himself to serve humanity in this next phase of evolution, being an advocate for change and helping leaders share your message across as many platforms as possible. "I and other leaders are now beginning to completely rewrite the narrative about what it means to be a leader in the new world." As a new wave of leadership emerges, leaders are quickly beginning to realize the importance of expressing their views across multiple platforms, rather than being confined to just the social media bubble. reach and visibility, we can achieve greater impact as a collective.